How I went from being stuck signing only 1-2 “ok” client to 5-10 “high-ticket” clients every month
Written by Taylor Benterud on Oct. 1st 2018
Heads up if you're reading this blog post I wrote it using voice to text and there may be some spelling errors so please bear with me!

So If you run a service-based business and you're primarily reliant upon referrals for signing new clients and you don't have a proven system that you can turn on and generate 5 to 10 new clients that are high ticket for you every single month then you're basically where I was 6 months ago.

 when I was struggling to get clients there was a lot of things that were wrong with my business.

 number one my website wasn't that good number two I wasn't doing any email marketing number three I wasn't hosting any live webinars or doing any JV webinars number for I wasn't testing anything to do with Facebook ads which was where a good portion of my target audience was.

instead I was messing around with direct Outreach via email to companies who we had found to be the perfect match for us and this worked okay but it really only got us one client per month and the system was extremely difficult because of how personalized we were making these emails. 

 the big shift that happened for me was when longtime friend came to me who pitched me the idea of launching a training program we're instead of doing done for you services for our clients we would basically sell them a training program that could teach them how to do what we would do for them.

The idea was pretty crazy to me at first because I didn't even think it was possible that our clients could get the same result with out us. but since I was in a position to launch a new program given I had already handed off the management of my agency I decided what the hell let's do it.

 upon launching this training program we decided the price point was going to be $4800 so it was definitely a higher ticket price point. 

We decided we're going to set up the website properly and we were going to build a funnel we built out a video sales letter on the homepage we built out the automations for setting up the email marketing to collect emails and we redesigned our Facebook and Linkedin pages in order to be more centered towards this training program instead of our agencies.

so when we launched our initial Legion strategy was very simple we made a post on Facebook and Linkedin everyday and we added 3250 qualified prospects on Facebook and whenever a qualified Prospect would accept our friend request we would simply send them a message saying “hey this is what we do and we think that we could really help you with this do you need any help with this?”

 to be honest I thought it was going to be a complete bomb and that something could never work.

 $20,000 in our first month, and over 30,000 every other month moving forward and in the fourth month we really caught fire with our facebook ads & email marketing pushing us up to 60k for the month… and our margins were insanely high. 

So essentially we just had a good website the good simple video sales letter funnel and we were sending out one email to our list every week and we hosted a live webinar once a month and on top of that live webinar we started doing Facebook ads in the Facebook ads is what really took us from that 30k to that 60k Mark. 

 The results were extremely amazing so simple performed so well which made me think hey I could apply these these principles that I've learned in my advertising agency and we could probably scale the advertising agency program since the two go hand-in-hand in the strategies are applicable to both businesses.

However for me at the time I wanted no part in either my advertising business or the advertising training program which was scaling so well because I was kind of getting sick of helping 7&8 figure companies scale further and become bigger. 

 although I was making a lot of money and could have made a ridiculous amount more I decided to sell my shares in the training program company literally right after we just had our best month ever and I chose to do that because I really wanted to share the strategies and methodologies that we had learned with other business owners who weren't already making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and killing it.

 For me at the time I really wanted to help smaller companies, people that maybe only have one or two clients or people that are struggling to sign more than one or two high-ticket clients every month. 

So I decided to launch the website you're currently on and I decided to build a training program that teaches other service based business owners, coaches and Consultants, exactly how to use the step by step simple strategies we use for getting 5 to 10 new high ticket clients every month! 

 To summarize the strategies that we used:

Simple website with a Video Sales Letter funnel
Email marketing to our list providing value 
Hosting a live webinar once a month
Daily posting and adding on FB and Linkedin 
JV Webinars
FB ads 

And these are all the strategies that I go over in-depth step-by-step showing you exactly how to implement them in your business in the training program!

Written by: Taylor Benterud

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