The #1 reason why most entrepreneurs fail to build a predictable client leadgen system
Written by Taylor Benterud on Sept. 25th 2018
Heads up if you're reading this blog post I wrote it using voice to text and there may be some spelling errors so bear with me!

For me to be able to understand the number one reason why most entrepreneurs fail at predictable client leadgen systems I would have to have first failed myself which is exactly what I did for probably a year-and-a-half.

So simply put the number one reason why most fail is because they overcomplicate things.

 See I used to think that Leadgen needed to be extremely personal and provide tons of value and if I made it like that it would get extremely high response and I would get tons of calls booked for sales calls with potential clients

The reality was totally different and I would only close one client per month with that system that I was using and it was extremely time consuming. 

After realizing this wasn't going to work I actually decided to simplify my Approach and first build myself a very solid foundation.

Upon building myself an extremely solid foundation everything changed and I went from making 30k per month to 90 K per month in just 4 months and my margins were amazingly high. 

 So what changed? 

well instead of trying to build an elaborate email outreach strategy with an amazing customized personal video for every company we decided to send simple templated messages directly via Facebook and Linkedin we decided to have a simple website that had a video sales letter on it and we decided to send out pretty basic and simple email marketing once a week… and surprisingly the results were successful instantaneously. 

My lesson was what's better than trying to build one amazing system is too rapidly test lots of extremely simple systems that take very little time to test because these simple things are usually would actually Converse the most and then once you get it to work at a simple level you can drill down make it more complicated in hopes of improving conversion rate of shoprite's or some Metric within the funnel. 

 So before you go in and try to add a ridiculous amount of gas to the flame or wood to the fire you first need to have a little fire lit like you first thing to light a match before you can add the gas and and wood and everything else to make the fire bigger.

The next time you think your going to build Allegiant systems going to get you 5 to 10 new high ticket clients every single month to consider first making the system extremely simple before complicating it with everything else. everything else being the endless amounts of tools and software out there! 

If you want to learn more about my personal Legion system that tripled my monthly Revenue in less than 4 month check out the case study on my home page!


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