1 simple funnel that MUST be on your websites homepage
Written by Taylor Benterud on Sept. 6th 2018
Heads up if you're reading this blog post I wrote it using voice to text and there may be some spelling errors so bear with me!

A lot of service-based business owners, Consultants, coaches, agency owners, Etc have their websites talking about all their services that they provide and where you can go to book a call…1 this is a huge mistake because it confuses the customer and they get lost in the Journey of your website.

 The best way to think of your website is like a funnel and the more products you have the more complicated the funnel and the more Paths of exit the customer has the more likely they are to actually exit.

 So having gone from the look at all my services in book a call website to the hey this is who I help how I help them and if you want more information you can check out a free case study website I can tell you the results from the second website are phenomenally better.

 Looking at my own website You'll see that it's extremely simple having a header and some bullet points with a free case study button. 

If you go to the contact page or the about page I've also positions the free case study button on those pages as well because this is the only place I want any customer in my site to go to.

The reason why is because when you opt in for a free case study I immediately get your email and you join my email list which is huge.

Plus it's a lot easier to get somebody's email with a simple capture form for a case study than it is for someone to book a call because booking a call as personal and feel they feel like they have to take it but opted in for a free case study video is extremely simple and they could just leave your side forever and they don't have to talk to you.

What's crazy is that your often page will likely convert 50% of the people that actually come to your free case study landing page video… meaning you get 50% of the website visitors emails which is insanely High.

From here we see that 8 to 10% of the people who watch the video end up booking a call which again is phenomenally High. 

 If you were to put a calendar booking link on the home page of your site you wouldn't even get a 10% conversion rate on that button. 

So you can start to see how powerful it is to First warm up here prospects with a video sales letter and then offer them to book the call with you where you can then sell your product or services. 

To recap the most important lesson from this blog post it's that your website should funnel all of your customers into one funnel for one service because the more services or products you offer the more likely they are to fall off the path and leave your website.

 What I've personally seen to be the most successful funnel at least on my website is a simple video sales letter that at the end of it offers them the ability to book a call with you. 

 If you want to see a perfect example of this funnel just opted in for mine on my homepage! 

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